It began with a vision to invest into women so that they would know that no matter their life story God was with them and for them! The dream is that women all over this world would Seek God, Listen to His voice and then Walk confidently.


In the Seek Listen Walk devotionals you will read stories from many amazing women. They share real stories with real battles and real victories. These devotionals are amazing!! 

You may not know all of these women personally but you will be inspired and encouraged by their words and your faith will be strengthened. They are women who are intentionally pursuing God and walking in His truth! 

Real  Women,  Real  Stories, 
Real  Battles  and  Real  Victories. 


Caroline Dunn is the founder of Seek Listen Walk. She is  passionate about developing leaders, ministering to women and discipling young people.  She has ministered at various conferences in the USA and Europe. Cultivating leadership in women and effectively communicating the Gospel in a way that is relevant to today’s culture is her priority. Caroline  is known for her practical, humorous and passionate application of God's word. Her messages of faith, life and purpose are inspiring believers to live their life to the fullest. Caroline and her husband, Brian, are pastors in Stockholm, Sweden. Together they have three beautiful girls, Olivia, Kajsa, & Madeleine.

I loved getting a glimpse into the lives of this diverse group of Godly women who are just like you and me.  Seek, Listen, Walk not only fed me the word of God, encouraged and inspired me, it reminded me that I’m not alone in the battles I face. These women share words of hope with their relatable stories each using different styles— some give amazingly vivid images to be portrayed in the mind and ignite passion and zeal. Some gently challenge you to take a step further to grow your faith, while others have words that remind you that you are not forgotten and you are loved right where you are.  


Every devotional speaks truth directly to the heart— some spoke boldly and others quietly whispered, but my heart heard every single one.

Holly Mutlu

Life Coach and Speaker

Helping women live lives that are fresh, fearless and free.