The Seek Listen Walk devotionals are written by 50 women of all ages and backgrounds who share some of the most powerful God moments in their lives.  
The devotionals will inspire, encourage, and most of all show you the heart of Jesus.
When we Seek God, Listen to His voice, and Walk out His truth in our lives everything changes!
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"Absolutely love these stories by REAL women with REAL life experiences. It helps me feel like I’m not alone in this journey & draws me closer to the Lord!"

Sumer Morenz

"Every time I open this devotional I come away feeling encouraged and empowered. In a world made up of Instagram perfected lives it's beyond refreshing to read about real women, sharing from an authentic place in their life's journey."

Jody McGrath

"Volume 1 was an inspiration from women of all walks of life, sharing how our Lord has made a difference in their lives. Volume 2 continues to increase our faith as these women again share how God strengthens their walk with Him. It is not only inspiring, but heartfelt, real life experiences of women, of all ages, touched by God."

Karen Bors